DARES launches new brand and website

Our new logo, brand, claimer and website represent our futuristic and optimistic company

We are proud to present you our new logo, brand, disclaimer and website:

We change our corporate colours to fresh and intense dark blue and turquoise corporate colours.

We use the letter A in a specific form to represent the waves emitted by radar satellites when acquiring images over the world.

We create a new writing for DARES by converting each letter into individual symbols: We create a new dimension. We think in symbols which are understandable for everyone. DARES is a high tech and dynamic company with strength, creativity and futuristic ideas.

We add the claim “LOOKING FORWARD” to represent the satellite view and at the same time our optimistic view towards the future.

In our website you can find a detailed description of our services for mining, infrastructure and oil and gas. We are proud to present you several examples and success stories for each of our target sectors.

Please have also a look on our CONTACT area: We are proud to introduce you to our international presence in Spain, Germany, Canada and Chile.

Feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to meet you soon!


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