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Quality and environment policy

Last update: Dec 29th 2019
  • The challenges move us.
  • We are motivated by the future.
  • We explore options and create the solution with originality.
  • We lack hours for everything we are capable of creating.
  • We love what we do.
  • Service vocation, we create useful solutions that solve real problems of our clients and society.
  • We turn problems into opportunities to grow.
  • Our goals are there to achieve them, with the guarantee of continuous improvement.
  • We build with originality and with elite projection creating new trends in the market.
  • We aim for the highest quality standard in our deliveries.
  • We prioritize quality over quantity.
  • We are benchmarks in our industry and our profiles are differential internationally.
  • Multidisciplinary / International: Engineers, computer scientists, geologists focused on the same project.
  • Common management, solidarity, companionship and teamwork.
  • We provide constructive assessment with the aim of improving.
  • Competitive spirit with a vocation to transform.
  • Collaboration and assertive communication is key. We all sail together in the same boat.
  • We provide continuous training to the entire team, ensuring sustainability in all processes.
Honestity & Confidence
  • Transparency and trust. We give it and we receive it.
  • We listen and define solutions providing the greatest possible value.
  • We propose optimal solutions, neither more nor less than what the client needs.
  • We create transparent and clear structures.
  • We assume responsibilities for our actions and our work. We do self-criticism.
  • We treat customers and suppliers the same way we treat ourselves, with respect and honesty.
  • We know and guarantee compliance with all applicable legal requirements.
  • We allow ourselves to experiment and risk with criterion. We assume the possibility of error and use it to learn and improve.
  • We do daring things. Maybe it does not come out the first time, but it does the fifth.
  • Constant balance between service and innovation.
  • Structure is a tool and we adapt it according to the need. We use it to sustain ourselves but never to limit ourselves.
  • Dynamism and ability to adapt to the circumstances of each moment.
  • We guarantee our client’s requirements compliance, revising and controlling their satisfaction as well as other stakeholders.
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